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2013-14: NO current classes scheduled. *

* Private Computer Studies may be available anytime.
      -- for 1 to 3 women, a couple, or staff training. $30/hr plus travel time/costs--if offsite.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

Instructor's Bio:

For close to 20 years, I was an Adult Basic Education (ABE) instructor at Malaspina University's* campus in Parksville, B.C. Literacy and numeracy programs were my instructional focus for the whole time, but, by the mid-90's I was also teaching computer usage which eventually evolved into developing and teaching the "Dogwood" academic credit courses for Grades 10, 11, and 12 Computer Studies. Part of those studies involved teaching the basics of creating web sites. These courses were created in an online format but were mainly taught in a classroom setting. (Before I retired, I earned a BCIT "Associate Certificate" in Web Technologies.) To learn more about the web business (in general), I established a web site hosting business, plus developed several web sites on a commercial basis.

When I retired in 2005, I disbanded my web business activities in favour of establishing a vacation rental home in my 2 bedroom rental unit. This ran well until the recession of 2008. At the same time, I established some new gardens with the intent of growing, saving, and selling seeds online. Organic certification was obtained and I started off. Unfortunately, I found that I didn't have enough energy to get my goals completed on my own, so I dropped the certification. (2014) I'm working on getting some garden renovation and growing happening again.

I love working with HTML and related code! This year I'm learning Drupal with the goal of building literacy.com and numeracy.com in Drupal 8--currently waiting for a Fall 2014 launch.

* Malaspina University = Vancouver Island University, or VIU