V V House Rentals -- 2013-14: NO rentals available

2013-14: NO rentals are available. This page is left here just for information.

Ten acres and a large 3-unit house offer lots of multi-use opportunties. Hence, these rental offerings.

Classroom space for rent. (Currently NOT for rent.)

Classroom space (when the two-bedroom suite isn't rented): Prental agreement view the photos on the photo page and contact me for information. There are many types of classes that can be held here. Your inquiries are welcome.

Two "Sweet Suites" for rent (occasionally). (Currently NOT for rent.)

The small upstairs one-bedroom suite is occupied by a long-time tenant so it's not available at this time.

The two-bedroom, two floors, 1.5 bathroom suite is occupied by family members right now but will be available for rent March 1st, 2013 (or a little bit earlier, plus, of course, any time later--ask if you're interested in one-to-three months hence). If you're a Senior(s) (55+ -- working or not) who likes a quiet, private life, in clean accommodation, with a terrific view of the hills, pond, and garden, then this may well be the perfect accommodation for you. Prental agreement ask for more details, and arrange a visit--no obligation--(you'll never know if you don't come to see it:-))

The accommodation includes the following (and more). This is not a definitive list:

Tenant(s) are responsible for their own hydro account (heat and hot water--separate meter), telephone services, and tenant insurance.

One or two (very clean) cats are welcome, inside and outside. Sorry, but no dogs or other pets.

Pet & Damage deposits? Yes. Each will be 1/2 mo. rent.

At original occupancy, a six-month fixed end-date* rental agreement is required. A further rental agreement may, or may not, be re-negotiated. i.e. The tenancy will always be under a currently active fixed end-date rental agreement. * This type of agreement is different than the commonly-used ones and means that the tenant(s) must move out on, or before, the end date, unless a new agreement has been negotiated. However, also note that once everything's in place for the six month term, or any subsequent term, the last month stated in a current agreement is credited as paid, providing the tenant stays in occupancy for the full term. (Further clarification: agreement does not roll over to an automatic 30 day rental.)

$850.00 mo. rent (may be negotiable). Tenant(s) last month's rent is credited as paid when the deposits are paid, the tenant insurance is in place, and the rental agreement is signed. This last-month free credit will forward onto any new rental agreement that may be negotiated after the six month period.

Rental month begins on the 26th of the month. Tenant(s) agree to pay the rent by auto Interac transfer between our bank accounts.

A minimum of three references (one business, two personal) are required and are thoroughly checked. A credit check will also be done.

Outdoor Storage Space.

We have some space available to park large items such as campers, RVs, trailers, or? Reasonable rates. 6 months rental fees must be paid in advance. Free use of space for long-term house tenants. E-mail your questions.